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As of December 2010, OARC was able to obtain the necessary support to form an official Community Benefits District, Ocean Avenue Association.

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Commercial District Activities

OARC assists low-to-moderate income businesses by identifying resources that help strengthen their businesses. Some of the services include, but are not limited to:

Small Business Support to strengthen existing, locally owned businesses by building trust and relationships and then assessing and connecting merchants to free or low-cost resources and technical assistance;

Cleanliness and Safety Projects designed to reduce crime, maintain clean streets and sidewalks and change the image and public perceptions of the district;

District Promotion including creation of promotional materials and community events designed to reinforce a positive image for the area;

Business Attraction through targeted outreach to specific businesses that will complement the existing mix of businesses

Development Projects that replace vacant or underutilized properties with new retail or mixed uses and generate a sense of momentum for the greater community; and

Visual Merchandising Program helps create attractive storefronts that economically strengthen and stabilize a low-to-moderate income business, by improving the storefront display and contribute to the development of Ocean Avenue as an attractive shopping, dining, and living destination.