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As of December 2010, OARC was able to obtain the necessary support to form an official Community Benefits District, Ocean Avenue Association.

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Our Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood

Nestled in the southern part of San Francisco, The Ocean Avenue Commercial Corridor extends from Phelan Avenue, near City College of San Francisco, to Manor Avenue.  The Ocean Avenue corridor is surrounded by several residential neighborhoods including: Ocean View, Merced Heights, Ingleside, Westwood Park, Mount Davidson Manor, Ingleside Terraces, Sunnyside, and Balboa Terrace.

Ocean Avenue serves as the neighborhood commercial center for these communities.   Today the area is a thriving commercial district that has seen many changes over the years.  Demographic, economic, and social events have shaped the community into the place we see today.  The diverse mix of businesses on the Ocean Avenue Commercial Corridor, most of which are family owned and operated, reflects the cultural and economic diversity to be found in this part of San Francisco.