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As of December 2010, OARC was able to obtain the necessary support to form an official Community Benefits District, Ocean Avenue Association.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee Members are as follows:

  • Al Harris, member of OMI-NIA
  • Dan Weaver, Treasurer of OMI-NIA
  • Jason Coffer, Resident-At-Large
  • JoAnn Tracht-Rawson, representing the ITHA
  • Kate Favetti, Resident-At-Large
  • Maria Picar, OMI-CPP
  • Mary Harris, President of OMI-NIA
  • Patty Clement-Cihak, Merchant-At-Large
  • Sharon Eberhardt, Resident-At-Large
  • Stacey Huey, Miracle Cleaners, Merchant-At-Large
  • Walee Gon, Mach III, Merchant-At-Large